Video Production

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Our cloud-based platform serves with clients to be more productive by combining high-quality video streaming, enterprise-grade security and scalability to reach millions of viewers. From internal meetings to press conferences to worldwide entertainment events, Olive Media is the platform of choice for many.

Why Video?

  • Capture your most qualified leads, ever.
    Video tells a story. People following your story are more likely to convert.
  • Lower your cost per lead.
    Clients are using video in their marketing efforts have a lower cost per lead. Website conversion is higher when there’s video on a page. And you might even have fun in with us.
  • Clearly convey your message.
  • Turn a complicated message into a simple one.
    Video makes things easier to explain and understand.
  • Build deeper connections.
    Video allows you to connect with your customers. It brings a level of intimacy to your brand and draws people in and grows brand affinity.

Video on Demand

Audiences can select and watch any video content when they choose to, rather than having to watch at a specific broadcast time.

They can pause, fast-forward or rewind these programs just like they would with a DVD player or VCR.

Some of the OMN’s On Demand line-up includes:

  • Talk shows: Assortments of talk shows like The CEO Show and others.
  • Leadership on Demand: Great series about leadership and development.
  • Specialized On Demand programs includes business and excitement shows.
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