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“The CEO” show is one of a kind TV and radio program targeting corporate chief executives, designed to empower individuals and organizations to perform at their best. It is crafted to transform, innovate and energize organizations, motivate people with a shared vision and highly developed skills.

Game Changers

A series of powerful radio programs serving people who positively transform every relationship and situation by accepting Personal Responsibility for their professional, relational, financial and physical wellness. People will benefit from being reinvigorated and taking themselves to a whole new level. Anyone new will benefit by learning to disrupt the status quo and take personal responsibility for their lives.


  • Learn to live in chaos
  • Unleash untapped potential
  • Focus on positive behaviors
  • Awaken and empower self
  • Become outcome focused
  • Thrive in challenging environments
  • Take relationships to the next level

Expert Entrepreneur

Personalized learning and hands-on experience programs designed to develop effective leaders in highly entrepreneurial and innovative pursuits. The program provides strong theoretical and experiential learning opportunities to prepare you for a broad array of career opportunities, including: Entrepreneurship – commercializing an innovative product or service through the formation of a start-up venture. Social Innovation – implementing innovative ideas which serves the good of society through a not-for-profit or a for-profit venture. Corporate Innovation – developing and launching innovative ideas, products or processes within the structure of an existing corporation or organization.


  • Sustain a higher performing team
  • See increased personal responsibility
  • Realize measurable improvements against specific outcomes
  • Have more loyalty
  • See higher levels of enthusiasm
  • Have personal and organizational transformation
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