It’s the most concise and effective program for any leader.

Perform at your best

“The CEO” show is one of a kind TV and radio program targeting corporate chief executives, designed to empower individuals and organizations to perform at their best. It is crafted to transform, innovate and energize organizations, motivate people with a shared vision and highly developed skills.

The show brings a remarkable blend of real field performance success stories and the latest business thinking, cutting-edge tactics and coaching experience.

“The CEO” highlights the senior executive role in different industries spotting the areas of leadership, corporate strategy, human resources, strategic marketing and sound financial Management.

A hub for learning

Olive Media brings to the screen guests who represent the brightest global talent and a huge spectrum of roles and sectors. The latest business thinking, exceptional opportunities to learn from the shapers of industries, and make this a truly unique learning experience.

Each episode addresses different challenges, they are all immersive and interactive, with real-life applications that go way beyond the lecture theatre. Viewers will see their learning curve from the first minute, and end up with measurable and concrete learning to apply to their life and organization right away.

The show gives the audience a critical leadership and management skills to develop a first-hand self-awareness and speed their transition into being global business leaders.

The CEO: Next Professional Destination

“The CEO” prepares today’s managers to be tomorrow’s leaders by supporting them through bringing real business leadership to their screens. It is all about:

  • Leading organizations
  • Developing and implementing a competitive corporate strategy
  • Improving strategic and operational agility
  • Effectively managing complex stakeholder relationships
The CEO: is about the power to think, act, grow and deliver results
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