Our Roots

In 2014, our founder Dianne has founded & launched “Network Video Productions” group aka “NVP Media” as a media production boutique serving many faces like business, culture, and much more. Because of our creative talent we realized there is a globally minded audience who is hungry for more creative content, entertainment opportunities and experiences beyond their national borders. Today, Dianne has recreated its business under “Olive Media Network-OMN” aka “Olive Media” out of our HQ at the heart of Toronto, Ontario – Canada and expected grow every year because we always have the best talent, best value and best creative mindset.

Olive Media is going to be a complete media brand with its audio, video and online elements – not to mention our expanding talent network and expected online broadcasting.

Olive Media continues to grow and flourish and at our core is the simple belief that there will always be a place for a brand that is committed to telling fresh stories, that sends our talent on assignments and knows that its success is all down to the audience, advertisers, clients, partners and collaborators who have supported us along the way.

Hello Olive Media

We’ve grown and expanded,
but our strength is still the same:
A Creative Human Touch

Olive Media is a private company and intending to be one of the leading media corporations globally. We are working in TV, business, press, magazines, film, radio and digital media. Creating, producing, and selling content across all key genres and broadcast platforms.

We recognize that our clients want a media partner that can help them navigate and lead the way into the brilliant opportunity this change creates.

We believe that the real opportunity for media, via our leading change philosophy, is to be human talent in a digital world. Our slogan is “Creativity lives here” that means we think and operate in an entirely new way. So new that we call ourselves “The Innovators”.

We aim to make and deliver original, inspiring and popular programs and media content for clients around the world, enabling them to achieve high audience satisfaction and ratings.

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