Meet Our Founder

Dianne is always described as a positive force of nature. Since 2014, she transformed the business, boosting revenue, staff base and profit sevenfold in just over three years. In January 2016, Dianne then expanded this drive through rebranding the business to be “Olive Media” looking after planning, effectiveness, product development and new business.

As such, Dianne has always subscribed to a people-first philosophy, believing that a powerful and respectful culture begets results in a creative business.

Dianne Ojar
President & CEO

Who is Dianne?

Dianne has started her media journey by establishing her own business “NVP Media Group” in 2014 then rebranded her dream as “Olive Media” in 2016.  She was the host of the “DAY Show” that was broadcasted through Bell and Rogers throughout Canada and other two international stations.

She is a powerhouse relationship builder, business woman, serial entrepreneur and mother. The award-winning author of her first book, “Mrs. Fraud and You”.

She is unstoppable. With a background as a Certified NLP Coach, Dianne has helped many professional business and entrepreneurial clients reach their goals and materialize their vision.  She is a leader with a purpose, always driving change in her environment and motivating others to follow their passions.

A caring individual who will not accept “NO” as an answer, Dianne is a motivator, mentor and “Doer”.  She makes things happen. She is always willing to offer a welcoming hand and a willingness to share her knowledge.

Lending herself to the community at large, Dianne has been a keynote speaker at many networking and community building events. What drives Dianne? —Family, passion for living, desire to succeed and spirituality.

Dianne believes, “that every person, and more so, every woman should do their utmost to explore and exploit their potential.  The world is a big place, so find your place in it.  Do what you know. Do what you love!”

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